Our Story

Next Meal Prep conveniently provides premium local Ontario meal essentials in bulk. With a focus on poultry - we hope to help as many people as we can have access to delicious, nutritious and fresh protein every day of the week.

During my fitness journey one of the things that kept me the most consistent was our Signature chicken. Chicken breast was a staple of my diet, having it in all 3 of my meals every day for the majority of the week over the years and still in most of my meals now!

When I fist began my fitness journey I did so much research to try and find what the best things to eat were to hit my goals as fast as possible. I learned that bodybuilders would always have a lot of chicken breast because of the high lean protein content. Add some rice and broccoli and boom - I had my meal plan.

My biggest problem was that all the grocery stores close to me sold chicken that was always dry, tasteless and contained steroids. They were packaged in styrofoam and plastic wrap, which was both wasteful and messy.

There are not many ways to acquire quality chicken breast in bulk. It's hard to be healthy when you're eating what tastes like cardboard every day. To hit my goals I would have to eat at least 18 chicken breasts a week - it was going to be tough! 

Then one day I ate some chicken that changed my life.

I found our signature chicken. The chicken we provide contains no steroids, is flash frozen (no loss in quality or freshness) and sourced from 28 local Ontario farms. Not only that, the breasts are portioned out to roughly the same weight to make meals even easier. Oh and we sell 28 breasts in a box.

Basically: Premium quality local chicken in bulk.

Next Meal Prep will deliver your weekly order to one of ten designated pickup locations of your choice. It will be stored in on-site freezers for 3 days until you come in to pick it up. No need to worry about food sitting on your doorstep going bad or waiting in long lines at the grocery store! Just walk in, show your email and receive your chicken!

We hope you love our chicken as much as we do, and we strive to provide the best service we can to help people reach their goals and enjoy it.

Make the healthy choice easy.

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