How It Works

Every Friday morning we ship out our orders at 7am.

Step 1: Select your order
Choose from our juicy Signature chicken breasts or delicious chicken souvlaki to have as your meal essential for the upcoming week 

Step 2: Select your pick-up location
Choose from 10 different Penguin Pick-Up locations to have your chicken delivered to. These locations all house freezers to keep your order frozen and fresh

Step 3: Pick-up your order after you receive your email
You'll receive a confirmation email after your order has been delivered to your selected pick-up location. It will be stored for 5 days in a freezer until you're ready to pick it up

Your Next Meal Prep order will be transported in freezer trucks directly to your selected Penguin pick-up location where they will store your order in their freezers for up to 5 days! This is to ensure your order stays frozen and fresh until you take it home.

This will help you by providing more time to do the things you enjoy, as well as knowing that you're getting the same great quality food every time so your next meal prep is stress free.

Currently we are looking at the best way to provide express shipping straight to your home, so please let us know if this is something that you would be interested in!